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Pool Safety

Safety around your swimming pool is of utmost importance. DROWNING AND ACCIDENT PREVENTION TIPS Drowning can occur in a split second to people of all ages and swimming abilities. Drowning is a silent death, not accompanied by screaming or splashing. Educate yourself...

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Water Problems

ALGAE Algae spores constantly enter the pool, brought in by wind, rain or even contaminated swimsuits or equipment and a bloom can occur overnight. Caused by out of balance water, high pH and low chlorine, warm temperatures, sunlight and presence of nitrates and/or...

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Water Balancing

pH We are not only first-class installers of premium fibreglass moulds. We are also well versed in the upkeep and maintenance of our customers' pools who love our services because we’ve managed to keep their water crystal clear in the years we’ve balanced their PH....

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Keep Your Pool Squeaky Clean

There are a plethora of ways which you, as a fibreglass pool owner, will be able to keep your pool squeaky clean which you may or may not have heard of. While we do continue to mention more technical aspects within the articles that follow. This article will outline...

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